Guillotined Murderess
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A guillotining I did a long time ago. Still trying to work on other angles. I like sensually understated and subtly erotic guillotining.

The eras between 1800-1870 are my thing, primarily because they were more rare than the first revolution but still common. Trying to learn French so I can look up more specifically how common women guillotinings actually were.

In any case, one of my first illustrations!^^
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Hope she was pretty dressed when they put her under the blade. So sweet it is when legs spasming under the delicate hems, and when bodices ripping to bare shoulders.
The Nazis guillotined more people than the French revolutionaries, some for just telling a joke about their glorious leaders. Look up Red Orchestra on Google, there was a whole bunch of people of both sexes done in, of course they were communists which didn't help them a bit, also white rose Sophie Scholl. Here is a teaser, this woman was executed for performing abortions in France during the German occupation

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Yea I want to see more uncensored Sophie chops. The only one I can think of that didn't was Klik. But that was filmed outside the United States.

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