Damsel X - Death by Gas
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Convict Goldie shackled is walked to the execution chair and strapped in by the perverted guard who gropes her and tells her body will be guest of honor for the guards tonight as she is gassed trying to hold her breath as long as possible then convulsed and froths at mouth as she dies...Her body is checked and groped making sure she is dead before transit to morgue..Her body has been stripped and covered by sheet when the guard comes in stripping her sheet he oils up her corpse slowly over her breasts, pussy, legs and feet ready for the necro gang bang , ties her legs spread high to the ceiling then lubes her mouth to fuck her mouth then her pussy before leaving her for the rest of the guards...Some time later a prisoner ordered to clean up the mess finds Goldie's body covered in jizz cant resist fucking her mouth before the guards come to check on him....