Sentence of Death
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movie: Sentence of Death (Novel)
year: 2015


A novel by Gary N McCloud

Claudia Burke has been framed for the murder of her mother and forced into signing a false confession. Her lawyer, Jennifer Whelan, is in an uphill battle to save Claudia from the gas chamber. Evidence disappears, a key witness runs off, and neither Jennifer’s love interest, Detective Evan McPherson or her father, high priced attorney Tom Whelan, are able to share what helpful information they have. A mysterious person sends Jennifer photocopies of documents with vital information proving Claudia’s innocence, but they are not admissible in court. Meanwhile, county prosecutor Rudy Acres calls in favors to push Claudia’s date with the gas chamber forward. Why is he so eager to see her die? Why has he hired a new assistant, Monica Shimas, who has gained the nickname “The Ice Queen,” and placed her in charge of prosecuting Claudia? Can Jennifer find the evidence she needs to save Claudia’s life before the cyanide pellets fall? Or will an innocent young woman die for a crime she did not commit?
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