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Need help identifying this picture, please contact me if you know the source.

Thanks, Paul
That concludes the Asian month; hope everyone enjoyed it. I'll be posting more like it every now and then.
This month of November will bring more focus on Asian execution/WIP material. Majority of these sets deals with firing squad and beheading.
Much work has been done on the frontend framework of TC. There will be more gradual and subtle changes coming; most of which are behind-the-scene modifications to implement newer web-dev techniques. The overall design and feel of the site will stay the same for the forseeable future.
I've re-coded how thumbnails are generated after noticing some internal server errors showing up during peak hours. This should lower the overall CPU usage for the site.
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Archive of female execution scenes in movies, TV and other entertainment. Additionally featuring damsel in distress, women in prison and other perilous content. This site is only fantasy.
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