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Through Material Contribution

Post on the forum about a movie or TV scene that's related to this site's topics. You'll be rewarded with membership credit if the material is new to the site. If membership credit is awarded then you will see a popup within couple days; if not, then it means it already exist on the main site or is not suitable to be indexed on there.

Membership Credit Guideline
  • Judicial executions (NOT from an adult paysite): 1 year membership
  • Women in prison/restraint or other: 1-2 months membership

Material Not Accepted
  • Any scenes involving children
  • Anything filmed illegally
  • Anything deemed too violent for mainstream movie screen
  • Anything deemed too realistic
  • Random or sample images from adult paysites
  • Contents from gore websites
  • Male-only scenes
  • Annabelle's Fantasy / any of the cuffs paysites
  • Reposts from TDS/Dolcett forums
  • MJ/Ruidu material
  • Online playlists where majority of content is already on this site
  • Artwork/CGI/manips if you're not the original author (I also would discourage artwork unless it's in a complete set and deals with judicial executions)

How do I check to see if something is already on the site?
Search for the movie title using the search box at top of page. It's also a good idea to email me first before sending in stuff to see if I already have it.

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    Giftcard FAQ

    Are Amazon Canada/UK/France/Italy/German/Japan giftcards accepted?
    Yes, but I will not accept Amazon Japan giftcards beginning 2017.

    Can a giftcard be refunded after it's redeemed?
    Unfortunately no, giftcard balances can't be turned back into cash nor can it be used to purchase another giftcard.

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    Please don't send me links to low-quality videos on adult stream sites.