Sentence of Death II Death Watch
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movie: Sentence of Death II: Death Watch (Novel)
year: 2017


A novel by Gary N McCloud

After a recent victory in the courtroom, Defense Attorney Jennifer Whelan has an unusual request from a woman on death row. Melanie Stratton seeks Jennifer’s help not to save her life, but to end it—to have her execution carried out. As Melanie’s case begins to unfold, so do the ties with corrupt prosecutor and power broker Rudy Acres. Meanwhile, Assistant Prosecutor Monica Shimas is dealing with an unwelcome guest, her sister Renee, and reporter Julie Mansker is suffering from severe depression and spiraling out of control. Will the only people who can help be able to overcome their personal trauma in time to get the real killer and save Melanie, or will Jennifer lose another client to the gas chamber?
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